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What we do for you

Tasks included with every transaction received:

Additional no-cost tasks on seller transactions:

  • Introductory emails sent to all parties

  • Add relevant dates to Agent's calendar (if requested)

  • Title insurance ordered (and survey, if requested)

  • Earnest Money Deposit follow up and copy sent to appropriate parties

  • OPRA ordered (if applicable - NJ)

  • Confirm with lender that appraisal was ordered & received

  • Confirm inspections are scheduled and notify appropriate parties

  • Remind agent of inspection deadline and follow up on requests sent

  • Obtain mortgage commitment and send to appropriate parties

  • Follow up on title commitment and liaise with title agent to get clear title

  • Obtain list of utilities and send to appropriate parties

  • Follow up on CO and distribute cert once received

  • Create commission statement for approval and send to title agent

  • Check on clear to close with lender

  • Schedule closing

  • Request and review ALTA/HUD and send to client to review

  • Settlement prep email sent to client

  • Obtain closing documents from title agent

  • Congratulations email sent to clients along with electronic closing documents

  • All contract documents uploaded into Agent's Docusign/Dotloop/Zipforms folder

  • Compliance documents and commission information uploaded to company's platform

  • Requested addenda drafted for approval and sent for signatures

  • Seller side processing ordered

  • Certificate of Occupancy process sent to sellers with appropriate follow up

  • Discuss pre-signing and arrange with seller side processor/title company

Additional no-cost contract provision tasks:

  • VA loan: check on WDIR, invoice and send to lender

  • HOA: obtain HOA documents and send to appropriate parties

  • Solar: request solar documents, follow up on solar transfer process

  • Well Water: check on well water test and obtain well cert for distribution

  • Home Warranty: order home warranty to be paid at closing

The Investment

Buyer or Seller side


Dual Transaction


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